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Forecast is the first project I put together after learning the basics of React. Building projects from scratch has always been my favorite way to improve my understanding and expand my knowledge. In this project, I utilized OpenWeatherMap API to get the weather data based on the user's location.

Project Purpose and Goal

The main purpose of this project was to make a use of the skills I've gained through the process of learning the basics of React and also to improve my knowledge with APIs in general. Besides this, I spent a good amount of time planning and designing the UI, in order to make it user friendly, easy and enjoyable to use and get the weather status.

Problems and Thought Process

Everytime I start a new project, I normally start with creating a list for all the issues my program needs to solve. For me, planning is a key, this is why I always enjoy investing a good amount of time at the begining of each project, to make things clear.

For this project, I needed to set the location based on the user input, import weather data according to a specific location, calculate future dates and render specific icons based on the weather data. In addition, for me it was a high priority to make the weather application responsive and looks good and clean on all devices no matter what the screen size is.

Future Improvements

I still have a few features I would love to to add to this Forecast project. I belive I can improve the way the user enter the location and maybe make the app smarter by remembering the last used location so the user won't need to enter it everytime. In addition, I would love to update the background image according to the weather status so the application will give the feeling of the weather the user is currently experiencing. It will also be a great idea to give the user the ability to see multiple location weather status by adding more pages that the user can easily switch between them.

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